Coping with… the wait.

Hey friends and family!

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Many have asked… “so, what’s the update?”  It’s a great question!  The simple answer is… not much to update!    In March we were officially approved and were given certification.  That is a huge step and we are AMAZED to look back and see God’s obvious fingerprints all over that journey and process!

For now, we are in a waiting pattern.  We live life, work like normal, try not to look at the crib in the corner of the room too much, continue to educate ourselves on parenting and adoption, work on support raising more, and PRAY.
We recently just took a class that helped us see the whole process from the birth mother’s perspective!  So helpful and insightful!  They are heroes in our eyes.  We look forward to the day when we meet the birth mom that chooses us.  It scary… and intimidating if we are honest, but we KNOW it’s so so important and is a part of all of this.  We pray every day for her already.

This season of our life is definitely a unique situation.  It could be 2+ years before we are placed… or it could be tomorrow!  How do we live/work/travel when a phone call out of the blue will change our lives so drastically?  We have been given the reality that the average wait is around two years – from approval to placement. However, the “waiting list” is actually pretty fluid as we would rise and fall based on the situation of the child/expectant mother. In the certification process, we worked through a long document that asked us to rate our comfortability for every situation imaginable.  It was intense and difficult for us to think through!  However, that makes each waiting family unique and if we fit a situation better than others, our profile can rise up the list.  It can also lower for the same reasons.  Ultimately, we know God knows all and will align the right situation in the end.  Whether it is easy or difficult, we can trust God through it.

Here is a better look at the “timeline” we are looking at. (we are in the “Waiting Period”)



Love you ALL!  Thanks for your prayers and encouragement through this journey.



We are EXCITED to announce that we are officially approved and are now a “waiting family” for adoption!   Bethany Christian Services can now start showing our Family Profile to adopting birth moms.

Most the time, we would have an opportunity to meet with a birth mom who is considering us before she chooses.  However, around 30-40% of the time, a birth mother will decide to adopted after she has delivered.  In that case, she would look at the family profiles and choose immediately.  The adopting family would then be called to come directly to the hospital that day.

Either way… one phone call could change our life forever!

Certification Update



Hi Friends and Family!

We just wanted to give a quick adoption journey update!  At this moment, we are still waiting to be certified.  We have been waiting on a few documents that needed to come back from MO and WI.  We needed certain documents from any state we lived in the last 5-6 years. (CA, MO, and WI)  We expected these to take a while so they were the first things we sent in early December.

GOOD NEWS!  We just got word TODAY that Bethany received all the docs needed!!  All that is left is for our official Home Study/paperwork packet to be sent to Sacramento!  Once they received it all – and approve them – we will be given the word that we are officially Certified!

Once Certification is finished… we wait… preparing our hearts and home!  Bethany will start showing birth moms our family profile, which Bree did an AMAZING job creating!

Until we get a phone call… we wait for God to align our profile with the right birth mom.  😉

WOW!!! We are SHOCKED!

God did it!!! Through many family and friends, God has provided all that is needed for our adoption cost! WE ARE SHOCKED how fast He did it and we are so grateful to all of you who contributed so we can grow our family. THANK YOU!

So… what is next?
1) Finalizing Certification (End of Jan!)
2) Growing our financial ministry partnerships to reach our operating support level.

First Home Study!


We had our FIRST Home Study Appointment!  The Home Study is series of meetings with our assigned social worker.  Upon completion, she will produce a legal document called a home study.  We will need this to be certified by the state.  In these meetings we will discuss a lot of topics: why we want to adopt, employment, financials, parenting/discipline philosophies, family history, our openness to situation the babies and birth parents may come from.  Along with the discussions, she will also complete a inspection of our home which we will need to complete.

We found out that we are on track to FINISH the certification stage by late JANUARY!  This is huge!!!  It also means we need to keep working on raising the funds needed.  Seems like a mount Everest climb… but we feel this is right and we can’t see what God has in story.

Help us bring home Baby Ammerman!

Gift Wrap Adoption Fundraiser!


Hey SoCal Friends!

Are you anxious about your upcoming date with wrapping paper and tape?

Help us, help you!!!
Between Dec. 7-17th we will wrap your gifts for you as you help us raise funds for our adoption at the same time!

Here’s how it works:
1) Contact us and let us know you are in. (FB, e-mail, text, call)
2) Drop off your gifts w/your gift wrap and ribbons.
3) We will provide Tape and Tags (and other supplies as needed)
4) Together we will come up with a drop off plan to get them back to you.
5) Contribute any amount to our Adoption Fundraiser Page!
*(as with any contribution, your families name will be added to our puzzle as well!)

The deadline to contact us is Dec. 15th and all gifts will be done before or by the evening of Dec. 17th.

Contact us at:

Piece of our Heart Puzzle



We are so taken by the fact that so many people are needed to make this adoption possible! We want to forever remember those who joined in
to help bring our baby home.

One way we plan to do this is through our “Piece of our Heart” Puzzle. On one side of a blank wooden puzzle, Bree will paint a theme that depicts the journey – on the other side,  Bree will wood burn the names of all those who contribute. No matter how much, your name will be added!

It will serve as a monument of God’s faithfulness.  Our child will forever see the people God brought around us and stood with us – generously giving to bring them home to our family.

Together, piece by piece, the puzzle of our family will come together.



  Want to be a piece of the puzzle?  (YouCaring Fundraising Page)
**You can also contribute through our tax deductible NTM account.
We will manually update the YouCaring page with those contributions.

(our NTM Give Page)

Adoption Timeline

Adoption is quite a process!  It can sure take a while… but it can also happen fast!



There is six stages:
Certification – This is when we process through mounds of paperwork, training, home study, and create our profile that will be shown to expecting birth mothers.

Waiting Period – This is when we are certified to adopt and are an official waiting family.  This can be a stretching time because we will doing little more than waiting for the phone to ring and continued training.  The agency will be showing our profile to expecting birth mothers.  If one is interested in our family, an introduction meeting will be setup.

Pregnancy – This is after a birth mother has chosen us to be the adopting parents for her child.  We will be preparing our home and building relationship with the birth mother as much as she is comfortable with.  This stage can be as long as 6-7 months and in some cases the birth mother is due immediately!

Supervised Placement – This is when the baby has been born and has been placed into our care as the primary caretakers.  During this stage, we will be supervised by the state through our agency social worker.  We will have at least 4 visits over the course of 6 months.

Finalization – This is the final stage!  We will have had the child for at least 6 months and have had our 4 meetings with our social worker.  If all is well, the adoption finalization will be initiated.

With Love and Gratefulness,
Pete and Bree Ammerman